Outdoor entertaining is a common practice in Australia; however, sun or rain can make things uncomfortable. The SeaShell patio awning from Seashell Industries is ideal for covering patios and decks, providing both shade and protection from rain.

As a retractable awning, the SeaShell patio awning can be opened to provide protection from summer heat or rain, and easily closed at any time to allow the winter sun or evening stars to shine through.

The unique radial design of the Seashell patio awing can be configured to fit any degree of a circle.  The Seashell patio awing is ideal for patio corners where a 90 degree awning can be snugly fitted, and also mounted along a flat wall in a semi-circular 180 degree shape.  Even L-shaped patios that extend around an outside corner can be fitted with a SeaShell patio awning that wraps around the corner in a 270 degree shape.  

Constructed from structural aluminium, stainless steel and high quality waterproof PVDF fabric, the SeaShell patio awning is incredibly strong, and is the only retractable awning that meets stringent Australian standards for wind strength. The SeaShell patio awning will remain open in winds of up to gale force after which it will automatically self-retract into a secure locked position enabling it to then withstand cyclonic conditions.

The SeaShell patio awning is available in a variety of colours, configurations and sizes, ranging from seven to 78 square metres. 

Authorised distributors for the SeaShell patio awning are located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Cairns, Newcastle, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Gold Coast, Central Coast NSW and Orange NSW