Seabridge Bathing Australia  was founded in 1999 with a goal to introduce high quality innovative bath systems that would enable the elderly and physically challenged of all ages, the ability to bath either independently or with limited assistance in the privacy of their home with a walk in bath.

Designed to provide solutions to complex problems not satisfied by conventional showers and baths, Seabridge walk in baths offer ease of transfer, eliminate the difficult task of lowering and raising oneself from the bath, provide easy access to controls such as the bath taps and showering system and protect the user against accidental scalding or burns.

All Seabridge walk in baths have been designed to address all safety concerns associated with conventional age and able specific baths and showers.

Seabridge Bathing Australia now offers six models of walk in baths and slide-in baths that address the complete bathing environment for these individuals and also provides its exclusive baths to the care facility and the multi-user environment.

Every year Seabridge Bathing Australia transforms bathrooms by removing existing bathtubs that are outdated and unsafe and no longer can satisfy the ideal bathing needs of individuals.

Seabridge Bathing Australia replaces these baths in private homes, apartment complexes, subsidised housing, retirement homes and communities, nursing homes and independent living facilities.

Seabridge Bathing Australia has become a recognised company in the innovation and development of its slide-in baths and walk in bath with power seats.

Seabridge Bathing Australia’s walk in bath line, featuring a dual draining system and ADA compliant accessory safety components clearly sets Seabridge Bathing Australia apart.

The introduction of the Seabridge Paramount walk-in bath in the summer of 2006 will develop the bathing process for those individuals that have difficulty using traditional baths and showers because of larger body types.