Seabridge Bathing Australia  offer bathing systems that address the needs of those individuals who face difficulties in using standard bath or shower products. Slide-in and walk-in bathing systems from Seabridge Bathing Australia are specifically designed to enhance and complement home interiors. These bath tubs are made from high quality materials and offer maximum comfort, convenience and safety to the user. All bathing systems available from Seabridge Bathing Australia feature dual draining systems.

Seabridge Bathing Australia offer a range of walk-in baths such as Classic walk-in baths, Cameo walk-in bath, Majestic walk-in bath, Paradise walk-in bath, Victorian walk-in bath and Universal Slide-in bath.

The Victorian walk-in bath, available from Seabridge Bathing Australia, is a fashionable bathing system that features a low entry height. It is compact and hence can be installed even in restricted spaces.

The Universal Slide-in bath, available from Seabridge Bathing Australia, is a versatile bathing system that is especially made for disabled persons. This bathing system permits a safe and easy transfer from the wheelchair to the bathing seat. The Universal Slide-in bathing system includes features such as hot water protection, safety grab rails and quick draining system.

The Paradise walk-in bath, available from Seabridge Bathing Australia, has a safe entry door, ample space and textured bath floor. This bathing system offers a traditional, reclined bathing experience.