Woodform Architectural presents a new innovation that directly addresses the problem of external corners in vertical screens, which typically leave a gap or require an expensive custom corner solution.

Designers are familiar with the unique detailing problem associated with vertical screens used around a corner: The battens on one side of the corner point one way while the battens on the other side of the corner point the other way leaving an unsightly gaping corner. Usually, this problem was solved using complex, time-consuming, and costly customised solutions to achieve a streamlined and consistent corner.

Woodform's innovative new corner system solves this common problem with a unique double-headed Y-shaped corner piece that affixes to the stud and holds a corner piece in place, producing a beautiful seamless corner.

Woodform's new Y-shaped external corner piece offers the flexibility to be used in different types of designs from uniformly spaced regular sized battens, to complex multi-sized batten textures, and even aluminium battens while retaining the visual appeal.