Woodform Architectural has put together a list of the most wanted in-demand timber colour tones that are currently trending in design.

American White Oak with clear finish

The naturally pale yellow-brown to mid-brown tones of this much-loved hardwood can be brought out with a clear finish, resulting in a contemporary Scandinavian look that celebrates every detail of the timber grain.

American White Oak with grey finish

Dubbed the ‘new neutral’, this aged, weathered look brings out the surrounding accents without overshadowing the merits introduced by this unique finish to an interior space.

American White Oak with black finish

Paying tribute to the traditional Japanese shou-sugi-ban aesthetic of charring timber, this finish combines a minimalistic vibe with a bold expression for a thoroughly modern look. However, an element of organic warmth is still retained because the timber grain is visible.

American White Oak with whitewash/lime wash finish

With its relatively deep grain texture, the White Oak timber species can be unified into a single bleached-out colour tone to evoke the breezy, almost beachy, finish of summertime.

Black Walnut with clear finish

The clear finish preserves the highly prized pale-to-dark brown features of the timber, as well as its attractive swirls and wave patterning (especially around knotty areas).