Powder-coated aluminium is a popular building material among many designers because the wide choice of colours gives them the flexibility to get creative with design.

According to Woodform Architectural, the powder coated finish is achieved by the application of pigmented powder that adheres to the aluminium surface after heat curing. Powder coatings deliver multiple advantages, especially in harsh environments because of their resistance to acids, alkalis, and oils at normal temperatures. Their excellent weathering properties after proper pre-treatment make them suitable for external applications.

Powder coated finishes allow designers to experiment with colour, thanks to a choice of hundreds of shades in a wide range of lustres (matt, low sheen, satin and gloss) and surface effects (textures, ripples, metallic and hammer finishes). 

Powder coating is environment-friendly too. Since powder coating does not contain any organic solvents, no VOCs are released into the atmosphere during application. The method of application also ensures that any excess powder can be reused, resulting in low wastage.

Dulux and Interpon are leading powder coating brands, making it easy to specify from their stock and custom colours.