Woodform Architectural has compiled five of the most frequently asked questions about maintenance of exterior timber facades. 

1 How do I achieve a consistent silver appearance on timber facades?

A consistent silver appearance is extremely difficult to achieve and will take several years. The process of silvering hinges on two main variables - the extent of the facade’s sun exposure and the finish used on the timber.

2 How do I achieve the burnt appearance in timber?

The burnt appearance can be achieved using a blow torch and burning the timber surface at high temperatures until the desired charred effect is attained.

3 Exterior timber coaters claim their finish only needs to be reapplied every 5 years. Is this true?

This is highly unlikely unless the timber facade is completely sheltered from the sun. Ask for case studies as proof.

4 I want to use timber and keep it looking fresh, but my client doesn’t want maintenance. How is this achieved?

This can only be achieved by using the timber as a soffit lining where the sun can’t get in direct contact.

5 Why do some coatings look like plastic?

The plastic appearance can be due to the type of coating used or that the coating application is too thick.

Woodform Architectural webinar on timber facade maintenance

Steve Napier, Business Development Manager at Woodform Architectural will deliver a free 60-minute webinar on ‘Understanding Maintenance on Exterior Timber Cladding’ on the 20th and 21st of October, 2015, 1–2 PM. The webinar will examine each of these questions in depth. Registered architects will be able to earn 1 CPD point from the webinar.