Woodform Architectural's Dressed Spotted Gum was specified by MGS Architects to reanimate the 30 year old Bendigo Library, a two storied structure that serviced the community and was home to the Goldfields Library Corporation since 1983.

Over the years, it had become dated, but recent upgrades have allowed it to present a new contemporary language, although in an accent that remains referential to the adjacent heritage Town Hall.

A key element of these changes is the building’s new façade, which is modern but not overbearing or ‘jarring’ for its surroundings. Woodform Architectural ’s Dressed Spotted Gum is used here to provide warmth to the library, balancing the bold yellow and black colours featured on the building’s front.

A hardwood with moderately coarse textured grain, Spotted Gum readily accepts paint and polish, and has lower tannin content than most other eucalyptus.

Woodform Architectural's Dressed Spotted Gum is also used regularly in the library’s internal spaces, acting as a call out to the building’s profile and ensuring a seamless connection between outdoor and indoor areas.