Woodform Architectural clears common misconceptions about the use of timber in exterior applications.

Though timber is one of the most versatile products in the materials palette, common myths have created the perception that it’s a high-maintenance option for exteriors and facades. However, many of these myths form the basis of client objections to the use of timber in outdoor applications.

Woodform Architectural sets the record straight by debunking some of these myths.

Myth #1: Timber demands ongoing maintenance

Timber facades can be designed with low maintenance outcomes, helping reduce the effort required for upkeep over the long term. Try naturally weathered exteriors with weathered and greying finishes built into the lifecycle of the building.

An increasingly popular aesthetic and also a practical choice, naturally weathered wood has an organic texture that blends in and evolves with the immediate environment. Weathered finishes require minimal upkeep in terms of both effort and expense.

Myth #2: Timber facades always involve large areas

A common misconception about a timber facade is that it occupies a large area and therefore, will involve a great deal of maintenance over the lifecycle of the building. However, the beauty of timber is that sometimes ‘less is more’.

For instance, modular timber lining systems can be effectively used as accents in areas with limited exposure to the elements. Eaves and soffits are excellent examples of timber applied in an exterior application that maximises aesthetics and minimises maintenance, with its use in visually-striking areas that are sheltered from exposure.

Myth #3: Timber is a conventional finish with limited application

A highly versatile material, timber gives designers the freedom to explore by complementing a range of options within the materials palette. Modular systems create unlimited scope for adventurous designers to conceptualise low-maintenance applications with striking visual impact.

Transparent facades using glass are not only a low-maintenance option but also allow the beauty of timber to be seen from the outside, without any of the issues related to weathering and exposure to the elements.


Debunking myths about timber maintenance and highlighting the versatility of modular lining systems can help overcome client objections. Offering the unique beauty of wood and unlimited design freedom, there are many low-maintenance options that balance practical and aesthetic considerations.