Woodform Architectural offers an innovative solution to address modern design trends for seamless battens in interior applications.

Timber battens were previously linked using fixings such as express joints even though the deep shadow lines betrayed a lack of continuity. When designers began specifying longer timber battens, the joints fastening them together left conspicuously visible gaps but were retained to inhibit the natural movement of timber.

Modern trends reveal that designers are more inclined to execute interior batten design that is not just very large in dimension but also seamless, with no perceptible spaces in-between or obvious joins. This is difficult to realise with solid timber, where variance in the joined sections is inevitable because moisture induces timber movement, resulting in a pronounced misalignment of the battens over time.

Woodform Architectural recommends aluminium battens for these requirements with the favourable structural properties of the material eliminating any need for wiggle room, and ensuring smooth and continuous lines even when 7-metre long battens are connected to each other. 

Aluminium battens wrapped in timber veneer offer the perfect solution for the new trend by effortlessly replicating the woody warmth of solid timber without the associated problems in large, seamless batten design. The timber veneer consists of thin slices taken from select logs and is not a synthetic duplication.