Before you decide to get a gutter guard for your roof gutters, there are several things you need to know to make an informed decision.

Here are 12 questions you need to ask so that you have a clear idea about gutter guards, why you need them, BAL ratings, installation and more.

12 questions to ask

  1. Do you need a gutter guard?
  2. Do you need gutter guards to stop birds or pests?
  3. Do you need gutter guards for leaves (what kind)?
  4. Does your gutter guard need to be drinking water rated?
  5. Does your gutter guard need to have a BAL rating?
  6. Do you live in a coastal area?
  7. Is your roof made of a reactive metal, i.e., galvanised?
  8. Are there wide gutter areas (over 500mm) that need covering?
  9. Are you able to install the gutter guard yourself and have the equipment to do so?
  10. Can you get a gutter guard that matches your house?
  11. Is the installer experienced in installing gutter guards?
  12. Which company did the gutter guard come from and does it come with a warranty?