‍Schweigen has collaborated with the global leader in fan engineering to develop Australia’s leading silent rangehood motor systems.

Schweigen’s partner is an established German manufacturer of world-leading electric motors and fans, providing the Australian and New Zealand markets with a wide range of efficient, high-quality air movement systems, specifically aerodynamics, motor technology and controls.

Their expertise has driven the development of Schweigen’s Isodrive S1.650, Australia’s very first silent rangehood motor. Over the past 20 years, Schweigen and their development teams have worked to continually improve and expand the Isodrive range, introducing the ST.900, SP.1600, SP2.3000 and SE.3200 models for their silent rangehoods.

Schweigen’s Isodrive models

Schweigen’s technical collaboration with their German partner brings a range of advantages to the customer.

Manufacturing excellence

Customers get the most advanced motor system in the market, built on more than a hundred years of combined professional engineering, product development and logistical knowledge.

Top quality management systems

This collaboration is committed to delivering quality products and services that perform above and beyond customer expectations and regulatory requirements.

Commitment to the environment

Their ISO 14001 certification boosts efforts to identify impact on the environment, define controls to prevent and reduce pollution, and ensure compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements.

A world-leading partnership

Schweigen’s Isodrive motor systems comprise the German-made core motor and fan within powder-coated galvanised steel housing, and come complete with high-quality right-sized cylindrical ducting, weather guard, roof extension pipe and bell housing.