How do you design a rangehood that delivers consistently powerful air extraction as quietly and efficiently as possible?​‍

Schweigen addressed this challenge by first sourcing the quietest and most powerful domestic extraction fan available, and then integrating the German-made centrifugal fan technology into a Schweigen-designed motor system called the Isodrive. 

Since even the quietest internal motor and fan generate noise, integrating these components inside a rangehood canopy would have simply resulted in noisy vibration. Suspending the unit within the canopy wasn’t an option since the internal design of the rangehood would be driven by the need to support weight, rather than to eliminate noise. 

Schweigen’s solution for their game-changing silent rangehoods was to install these Isodrive motors externally – through the roof, wall or eave with the right-sized, acoustically-matched flexible ducting.

Schweigen’s silent rangehoods with their external motors deliver several benefits. Thanks to the motors being outside, the lighter canopies allow optimal airflow and filtration. Since the kitchen exhaust is vented into the atmosphere, the fan noise is lost in the ambient surroundings. The only sound you will hear in your kitchen from Schweigen’s rangehood comes from the airflow being pulled through the filters and ducting.

Traditional rangehoods featuring internal motors have to first pull air into the canopy and then push it through the duct to the outdoors, introducing air turbulence and noise into the kitchen. However, Schweigen’s rangehoods perform this air extraction in one seamless energy-efficient pull from the Isodrive outside the home, eliminating both vibration and noise inside the kitchen.

Watch this video to know more about Schweigen - Silent Range Hoods.