Every Schweigen Silent rangehood now comes free with a revolutionary flexible safety ducting, delivering unbeatable value, safety and performance.

Schweigen SteelFlex is an ultra-strong and flexible high-performance safety ducting made of Shirikon Firemesh, a tri-layer tear-resistant UV-treated sleeve, both developed by Schweigen – the Silent Rangehood specialists – for quiet and efficient high-volume transfers of temperature-sensitive air.

Engineered to enhance the health and safety of your home, Schweigen SteelFlex is antimicrobial treated, thermally insulated and acoustically dampened. It is fireproof, pest-resistant and crush-proof with a treated surface that prevents the build-up of grease and bacteria. 

All Schweigen SteelFlex products are independently tested to offer unbeatable strength and safety for the most demanding industrial and commercial HVAC applications.

Guaranteed for life (with limited lifetime warranties), Schweigen SteelFlex works best and comes free with Schweigen silent rangehoods, powered by the German-made Isodrive motor system for silent yet powerful air extraction in your kitchen.