Schüco Australia has introduced a new electronic door control system offering property owners a complete solution for design, comfort and security.

The new Schüco DCS advanced electronic door management system combines contemporary style with extreme functionality to deliver the high level of security needed for complete peace of mind. Ideal for many commercial applications, the new door control system is especially recommended for high-end domestic properties.

Unlike the conventional method of using a key that can be lost or stolen, the Schüco DCS electronic door management system uses a card reader, numeric keypad or biometric fingerprint recognition to access the property. The door control system can be integrated with additional modules for door communication and exit control, intercom system, video monitoring, proximity switches, movement sensors and an LED spotlight.

The homeowner can select specific modules to suit their specific requirements, enabling a tailored installation.

The uniform dimensions of the controls on the panel mean that specific needs of household members who are wheelchair users or children, can be accommodated simply by positioning the controls for relevant modules at a height that is convenient for them.

All external components of the Schüco DCS electronic door management system are either flush-fitted to the door profile or installed on a panel in the wall.

Key features also include sleek, uniform black glass panel; new DCS Touch Display allowing integration into virtually any building with an IP network enabling door communication via SIP-enabled end devices; and Bluetooth fingerprint module controlling access using an app on IOS or Android.