SCHOTT Australia  provides architectural lighting, eye protection systems, athermal welding filters, microscopic cover glass, reflectors and diffusing panels for dental lamps, boroscopes, precision optics, fresnel lenses, colour filters, non reflecting glasses and many other products in the diverse range of special glasses. The entire range of special glasses offered by SCHOTT Australia offers such quality glasses that are durable and can be used in different applications.

SCHOTT Australia also offers a comprehensive range of rear view mirrors for cars and trucks, pharma tubing products, cold light sources and accessories, lenses that can be used to operate room lamps and many other special glass products. The solar solutions provided by SCHOTT Australia also fulfil the needs of many clients and can be used for several purposes.

The PV wafers, modules and cells manufactured by SCHOTT Australia are completely integrated products. The solar thermal power plants offered by SCHOTT Australia are based on latest technology of power generation. Some solar solutions for heating and cooling are also provided by SCHOTT Australia which includes highly efficient tube collectors that are evacuated. These tube collectors are suitable for additional space, air conditioning and heating water.