SCHOTT Australia  presents a thermally tempered, weatherproof version of its colour effect glass, NARIMA that extends the application range for architects and designers.
NARIMA thermally tempered, weatherproof colour effect glass can be used in aesthetic filigree façade installations. In addition to being used as insulated glass in facades, the colour effect glass is also suitable for architectural fins or point mounted installations. The tempered glass offers enough stability for use in façade installations including attractive filigree designs.

NARIMA tempered colour effect glass is ideal for exterior façade installations as well as in building interiors including doors, partitions and balustrades.

Tempered NARIMA glass can be used as monolithic panes to allow for cost-effective integration into façade projects. When processed into insulated glass units, NARIMA allows for thermal insulation or sun protection to be achieved in the building.

SCHOTT offers the dichroic colour effect glass NARIMA in six colours: Blue-Gold, Blue-Green, Green, Yellow, May Green and Orange. Special colours are available upon request.

Architects, glass processors and designers use the attractive, iridescent dichroic colour effect glass to create fascinating and eye-catching colour impressions that set unique visual accents depending on the light and point of observation, all made possible by the extremely thin, high and low refractive interference layers used in the glass.