Schiavello Group was recently honoured for its commitment to the environment at the ACTSmart Business Sustainability Awards. Schiavello is one of Australia’s largest designers and manufacturers of commercial furniture.

The latest recognition marks the second time Schiavello’s sustainability programs in ACT have received an award from the annual event. Schiavello received an award within the Corporate category.

Continuously improving its environmental performance since pioneering environmental management in the industry in 1997, Schiavello has initiated a range of activities within its manufacturing environment including material research and development, Life Cycle Analysis, clean production efforts, energy conservation, de-materialisation, emissions reduction and waste minimisation through re-use, reduction and recycling.

Schiavello’s e-cycle program recovers Schiavello furniture at the end of its life for ‘upcycling’ with restoration including re-powder coating, replacing parts and re-assembly. The reintroduction of e-cycled products can increase Green Star credits, and present a cost-effective solution for reducing a company’s environmental impact.

This program was previously recognised for its innovative approach to sustainability at the ACTSmart Business and Office Awards, winning the ‘Biggest reduction of waste to landfill’ and ‘Innovation excellence’ categories.

Schiavello ACT joined the ACTSmart program in 2011, and has since reduced its contribution to landfill by 22%, paper consumption by 56% and cardboard use by 40%. In 2014, the e-cycle program has so far prevented 202 tonnes of materials from reaching landfill. Once the product is re-used, this converts to savings of 5,640 tonnes of CO2 and 622,000 litres of water.