Schiavello worked with the designer of Adelaide City Council’s new City Library to customise their versatile workstation system for a new internet access centre at the library.

Designed by HASSELL, the new City Library in Adelaide is a multipurpose space featuring inspirational spaces, functional design, and cutting edge technology to encourage learning, and foster innovation and connection. The smart, community-centric design is based on the vision for the new library to make digital technologies available to anyone who is interested in learning about them.

The library design also aimed to provide a hub to plug into for people who may not otherwise be engaged with the community, in addition to creating a space that offered a high degree of flexibility and fluidity for multipurpose use including hosting events, seminars and exhibitions.

Schiavello’s Centric, a versatile workstation system was selected for a new internet access centre, a touch point for the library’s many internet users. The internet access centre has been designed to accommodate IT security and functionality, as well as the needs of diverse users including people in wheelchairs, visitors with shopping bags, and those preferring to sit or stand when using the centre.

Schiavello coordinated with HASSELL to custom engineer a product that would meet the project’s unique requirements including the concealment of IT services, hooks for bag storage, simplified aesthetic, and colour choice. All the details were workshopped and resolved in advance, ensuring the workstation system would perform perfectly in the space upon installation.