SBS Group fabricated and supplied steel framing for a three-level townhouse development in Hawthorn, Victoria.

Designed by Jam Architects and built by Liberty Builders, the Pleasant Road Apartments project features multi-level wall, joist and truss framing from SBS.

The primary challenges for the project included reducing the build time and developing on a tight site.

SBS Group had redesigned the original plans to substitute a significant amount of structural steel, and save an estimated 4-6 weeks on the structural element of the build. Frames were carefully fabricated from TRUECORE steel, which meant there was no need to spend lengthy time on site once the frames were in, to fix up twisted and warped timber walls.

With webs in the floor joists and pre-cut holes in the studs and noggins, it was easier to pass cables and services through to where they were needed. Though it was a space restricted site, the larger frames were light enough to be handled by two people on site without cranage.

A total of 40640.43 L/M of steel framing was supplied to cover an area of 2195.73 square metres.

“I’d like to take the opportunity to thank SBS on your delivery sequences and the quality of the frames; it’s been great dealing with a company that delivers on its commitments.” Stephen C. – Liberty Builders