A lightweight steel framing solution from SBS Group reduced the entire construction programme for the builder by two months at the Langdon Apartments project in Winston Hills, NSW.

Designed by Morrison Design Partnership Pty Ltd and built by Hamilton Marino Builders, the project involved building on top of an operative shopping centre within a tight construction programme. Facilitating the engineering and logistical requirements for one of Australia’s largest light gauge steel framing projects was a major challenge for the builder

James K, design manager at Hamilton Marino Builders, said:

“Due to the nature and complexity of the project, as well as the systems engineering benefits, a steel framed system was chosen in the initial design stages.

“On site, and in comparison to using conventional concrete structure or timber, SBS Group provided significant time saving in the project construction.

“SBS Group was helpful in the design stage of the project, facilitating the complete engineering solution of lightweight framing.

“Shop drawings were coordinated with the likes of windows and joinery shop drawings to eliminate design clashes.

“By using the SBS Group system, we estimate that we have saved approximately 2 months of the construction programme and associated preliminaries.”

SBS Group supplied a total of 156,873 L/M of steel frames for the project with the total area covering 10,370.31m² over three floors.