SBS Group engineered a steel framing solution for Stage 1 of the Allanvale Nursing Home project to meet specific build challenges.

Located in Altona Meadows, Victoria, the nursing home designed by Thexton Smith required a smart building solution to achieve the large spans and irregular shaped trusses. The solution also needed to accommodate the short erection times throughout the staged build.

SBS was able to eliminate the use of heavy and costly structural steel by using a fully engineered lightweight alternative. Smart design also helped SBS to detail and certify the trusses to withstand the wind load and plant platform sitting on top of the lightweight frames, along with the load allowance of the hoists hanging below.

Early submission of full shop drawings and the ability to view 3D modelling throughout the build proved beneficial for the site and project teams.

The steel framing solution didn’t need straightening after installation; the steel option was also faster than a traditional timber build.

SBS supplied over 30,000 L/M of steel frames to cover an area of 1300 square metres.