“In the left corner, we have Wood Frame. He’s been a tried-and-true champion of the construction industry for centuries. But wait, folks! Is that a termite I see? And a little speckle of moisture rot? Oh, and don’t light a match; Wood Frame gets pretty burned up. I don’t know; Wood Frame will have to put up a tough fight to win this round.

In the right corner, we have the new kid on the block, Steel Frame. He may look a little stiff but boy, is he solid. That cold-formed training has paid off, and he’s ready to stand up to tradition and show the world Steel Frame is the best choice for durability and longevity. Steel looks to have an incredible strength-to-weight ratio.”

Quote Source: whirlwindsteel.com

When it comes to multi-residential walls, floor joists and roof trusses, what is the best choice between cold formed steel and timber frames?

Many builders are evaluating their options when choosing the most appropriate material for framing in their constructions.

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Cold Formed Steel vs Timber – Which is Best for Multi-Residential Walls, Floor Joists and Roof Trusses?