Sayfa Group supplied a range of height safety equipment to Toyota's manufacturing facility in Altona to ensure safe and compliant roof access to personnel.

The manufacturing plant, which employs more than 3,000 workers, features a roof with saw tooth roof lines and abundant with plant equipment, air-conditioning units and solar panels. The plant needed a roof access system for use by maintenance personnel, which also had to integrate with the existing equipment while ensuring a high level of compliance and safety.

The brief sought compliant systems that required minimal user competence but still ensured maximum protection.

ALTO step ladders and bridges now enable seamless access for maintenance personnel between the varying roof levels, while ON-TRAK and PACE600 walkways and SENTRY guardrails provide controlled access to specific areas.

The plant management now has increased peace of mind since Sayfa’s compliant systems fully cover their Duty of Care. Additionally, the equipment’s ease of use guarantees confidence to Toyota's huge workforce that they can perform their work while being fully protected.

Sayfa Group supplied ALTO step ladders and bridges, KATT modular rung ladders, ON-TRAK and PACE600 walkways, RAPTOR rigid rail systems, SENTRY guardrails, SPEKTRA signs, TRAVEL8 static line systems, and proprietary anchor systems.