The Raptor rigid rail system from Sayfa Group was installed at the newly opened Latitude in Melbourne last year to ensure safety for patrons at the high adrenaline activity centre.

Extremely versatile in application, the Raptor rigid rail system met all the requirements for a reliable, high quality overhead rail system that could withstand the rigours of constant daily use. The Raptor rigid rail system ticked all the boxes for high safety, smooth operation, durability and reliability.

However, the Raptor system had never been used in this type of application previously. Since the centre was open daily, often for over 10 hours, it was imperative that the system could handle this amount of constant use. Very importantly, the users, most of whom were children, needed a system that was easy for them to be fitted into, and offered the assurance of complete safety as they travelled at height across the venue.

Latitude’s management as well as their many visitors were thrilled with the Raptor overhead rail system.

Elaborating on the facility’s focus on safety, Latitude Co-Founder Peter Lang said allowing people to feel an invigorating surge of adrenaline, while keeping them free from any real danger was a big part of their success.

When considering safety rails for the suspended obstacle course, Latitude sought a product that was reliable, delivered a smooth action and did not sacrifice on quality. The Raptor rail system ticked all those boxes and more, allowing patrons to clamber high above the centre, completely safe and secure.