Fall arrest roof anchors are life-saving devices for anyone working at height. Workers engaged in risky tasks on buildings need to know that their safety equipment can be relied upon during an accidental fall from height.

The 3SIXTY from Sayfa Group is a personal fall arrest device with a proven record of having saved lives. To further prove this and to ensure peace of mind for the user, Sayfa put the 3SIXTY roof anchor to the ultimate test. It was time to prove once and for all that the 3SIXTY fall arrest anchor was designed to be SAYFA's most innovative and safest anchor.

Looking for something that would show without doubt the strength, quality and reliability of 3SIXTY anchors, the test team decided on a car lift with Georgie in admin support kindly offering up her Skoda Fabia car as the test dummy.

The technical team decided that the most effective way to fabricate the support base for the car would be to use KOMBI modular stairs and platforms. Using KOMBI's lightweight modular parts, they were able to quickly build a robust support structure.

An interesting fact was that the entire weight of the car (1,560kg) would only be supported by components secured with KOMBI T-Bolts and friction. No bolts would be going through the structure.

The support base platform was fabricated and assembled, with minor adjustments made using KOMBI's T-Bolt technology.

For the test, a crane was organised, final tweaks made to the support structure and the car was driven onto the platform for the lift.

The total weight to be supported by the 3SIXTY fall arrest roof anchor was a whopping 1,560kg. To keep this in perspective, 15kN or 1,530kg is the testing requirement as per AS/NZS 5532 for fall arrest anchors.

The 3SIXTY lived up to its reputation, lifting and carrying the weight of the car efficiently.

What makes 3SIXTY so special? It complies with AS/NZS 1891 and AS/NZS 5532, and is proudly Australian made. Unlike many fall arrest anchors, 3SIXTY is also able to perform a rescue, following a fall arrest load. The unique anti roll-out swivel eyelet ensures freedom of movement and confidence. Batch testing and coding is also being done for full traceability.