Leading Australian property group Mirvac owns and manages several assets across the office, retail and industrial sectors. The company sought a two-level platform system that would provide workers access to the cooling towers at St Martins Tower in Sydney’s business district. Since the components could not be craned in, lift systems remained the only delivery option to the rooftop.

There were several challenges associated with the project. The client requested an extremely short installation time to minimise on-site disruption. Additionally, the existing pipework and structures at the place of installation demanded out-of-the-box thinking to deliver structurally sound systems.

Careful planning was required to design a system that would give the client ease of access to the equipment without compromising strength or integrity.

KOMBI’s modular design enabled flat pack delivery to the site, with the modules being transported to the rooftop via lifts. On-site assembly and in situ customisation ensured the systems could be woven around existing pipework and structures.

Within 24 hours, an intricately designed KOMBI system was installed, resulting in an extremely happy client who not only praised the system’s versatility but also its ability to provide such a high quality result.

Installed by Sky 5, KOMBI systems used in the project included stair, crossover and elevated platform systems.

KOMBI modular aluminium elevated walkways and platform systems are sent to the site as flat pack units and placed into their desired location without any need for heavy lifting machinery. This is particularly useful for projects located in inner city areas where the need to crane items onto the site can cause additional costs and time delays.

KOMBI systems don’t require on-site welding and installation can be performed in days, not weeks. While the lightweight construction ensures they can be easily manoeuvred into position, their assembly needs no specialist tools or trades and can be installed by your own personnel.