Sayfa Group offers some safety advice for workers engaged in jobs on high buildings and rooftops this summer.

Workers can begin their day by visiting the interactive weather page on the Sayfa website daily and plan their workday accordingly. Working outdoors can be particularly difficult with the worker exposed to the harsh heat and then suffering the consequences of prolonged exposure.

Stay hydrated

The first rule of outdoor work is hydration. It’s important to keep a good supply of water on hand and sip it at frequent intervals to maintain body fluid levels. As part of their safety summer promotion, Sayfa is offering free collapsible water bottles featuring a handy and lightweight design, and easily folding up when not in use to save space.

Get your free water bottle from Sayfa while stocks last.

Time to check your PPE

With the change of seasons, Sayfa advises workers to adjust their harness gear accordingly to suit their lighter warm weather clothing. Ill-fitting, loose harnesses are dangerous and ineffective. Additionally, do a proper check of all PPE for wear and tear and replace anything that is broken or frayed – harsh winters are known to cause damage to equipment that has been exposed to the elements. Make it a habit to visually inspect and log all PPE at least every six months. Sayfa has a great range of harness kits and accessories that just might fit the bill.

Clothing, hats and sunscreen

The hot Australian sun can cause sunburn, heat exhaustion, sunstroke and skin damage from constant and continuous exposure. The UV factor in Australia is amongst the highest in the world and can cause major health risks if proper and timely safeguards are not taken. Sayfa recommends the use of hats, sunscreen and clothing with a high ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) that can help ward off the damaging effects of the sun. Use sunglasses to avoid cataract, macular degeneration and other eye problems.

Check your fall protection systems

All fall protection systems must be inspected for any wear that may have happened during the harsh winter. Prepare a checklist of places and equipment to inspect and confirm whether: guardrails and walkways are providing adequate access to all mechanical plants; the new plant on the roof requires access and maintenance; and static lines, cable systems and anchor points are rust-free and firmly secured.

In addition to ensuring all safety systems are fit for use, this is also a good time to check if there have been any changes to regulations or standards so that upgrades, if any, can be actioned.

Image: Sayfa’s collapsible water bottle