Plastic polishes in heavy and light options are available from Sasign International to fit varying repair needs.

Formulated to repair heavily damaged plastic items, Sasign heavy plastic polish is ideal for use on acrylic signs, skylights, protection panels and walls, sneeze guards as well as motorcycle and boat windshields among others. 

Sasign heavy plastic polish has a very aggressive cutting grit that breaks down into a finer form the longer the polishing is done. For instance, 80 grit sandpaper marks can be removed from clear acrylic in a matter of minutes by just hand rubbing with the plastic polish.

Formulated to repair slight rubs, bruises and fine scratches on non-porous plastic, Sasign light plastic polish can also be used as a follow-up treatment to remove any fine scratches after using the heavy polish to bring the surface to a near new finish. 

Suitable for any non-porous plastic surface, the combination of heavy and light plastic polish can be used to resurface expensive headlight covers and lenses as well as wind cheaters.

A protective coating of Sasign plastic cleaner is recommended after the damaged item is repaired using the plastic polish.

Sasign plastic polishes are manufactured in Australia but can be shipped anywhere as they are classified ‘non hazardous’ under transport regulations.