Made in Australia, PG Pivot hinges from Sasign International are a versatile, all weather hinge system designed exclusively for sandwich boards and "A" frame signs.

PG Pivot hinge systems have only two screws per hinge and act as the bottom fixing arm with no additional ropes and no straps. The materials used to manufacture PG Pivots hinges are UV resistant and made for Australian conditions, and as they are rust resistant, they will not leave rust marks on the signage.

PG Pivot hinges are versatile and may be used on Weathertex, metal frames, acrylic and foam board sheet materials by just changing the size of the fixing screws. Furthermore, as the angle of the panels remains the same whether a 900mm high or 1200mm high sandwich board is being built, the size of the sign does not matter.

With only two holes needed to be drilled per panel to fix the hinge system, PG Pivot hinges are suitable for all custom made boards or long runs where time and materials really count.