Sasign International  offers a choice of two fixed colour LED strips on PC Boards as well as custom made units with split colours, i.e. 200 of blue and 300 of red, which can be operated separately by remote switch.

Available in 448mm strips are blue, green, yellow and red Standard brightness LEDs that may be used in Edge Lighting or specialty lighting for architectural purposes.

These units put off a good steady light and are high quality, long lasting and reliable. The strips may be broken down into segments of 56mm making them highly flexible.

Available in 570mm strips are Super White strips of LEDs, where each LED has 3 diodes producing bright white light in the 6500K range. Reliable, cost efficient and as with most LEDs, operating on low voltage.

These strips are ideal for edge lighting, valance lighting, either direct or indirect, back lighting for letters or signs. Strips may be broken in approximately 60mm segments and come with a self adhesive backing for easy placement.

If a custom PC Board with more than one colour LED is required, Sasign International can assist with that as well. Split boards can be wired to allow both sets of lights to work independently or one may be operated by the mains switch and the second colour by a remote switch.

LEDs are the future of lighting, everyday more and more uses are found. They are ecologically friendly and will undoubtedly be the lighting of the 21st Century.