The release of cylindrical extrusions with LED lighting has been announced by Sasign International

The cylindrical edge lit extrusions are ideal for stand alone columns from 900mm to 3.2m high. Being 60mm in diameter, the LED lit extrusions can accommodate up to 10mm thick acrylic and are available in clear anodised, gold anodised and standard powder coat colours. The LED lit extrusions are also available as mill finish for those wishing to produce custom colours.

Panels may be clear with vinyl, engraved, lasered or digitally printed graphics, or any combination of these. They can also use a patented diffuser system that allows the lighting of posters that are held in place by a clear cover panel and magnetic strips.

There are two choices of LED strips:

  • The Super Bright White (SBW) has 30 triple diode LEDs per 570mm of ridged PC board
  • The Econo Super White (ESW) with 15 triple diode LEDs per 500mm of ridged PC board
Both styles of LED strip run off 12VDC and use minimal power, approximately 0.22W per LED (approximately 450 LEDs to equal the power used by one 100W incandescent bulb).

Panels are available up to 1200mm wide depending on the amount, size and colour of the graphics that are required to be illuminated. Base feet and ceiling fixings are available.

Lighting can be full height or any portion of the blade as required, offering further savings on initial cost and operational expenses.