SAS International announces the launch of a new flexible ceiling solution designed to offer acoustic benefits and also simplify installation.

SAS International’s System 320 is an acoustic tile, lay-in suspended ceiling system designed without a traditional supporting grid to save time and cost on installation. Recommended for use in corridors or plasterboard surround applications, the acoustic tiles can be supplied in various dimensions to suit most building modules, allowing for greater flexibility.

SAS International’s System 320 acoustic suspended ceiling system is ideal for commercial office and residential sectors, and satisfies the acoustic demands specified in the Building Regulations, Approved Document E.

Key features of System 320 suspended ceiling system include non-woven acoustic fleece, acoustic pad and plasterboard options allowing for a flexible, cost-effective approach to acoustic control; ultra-micro perforations (≤1mm) available for a brighter ceiling appearance; pre-formed apertures optionally available for service integration during manufacturing, improving aesthetics and minimising installation time; simple removal of the grid facilitating easy ‘no tools’ access to services; and void depths allowed to be kept to a minimum depending on tile dimensions.

System 320 can be suspended using a range of suitable SAS International trims or any suitable flanges, including linear lights and grilles.

The comparatively lightweight tile (7kg/m²) is available in sizes of 250-600mm (width) x 474-3000mm (length). However, SAS recommends a tile no larger than 1.4m² for the sake of ceiling aesthetics. Though larger tiles can be installed, they may require additional support for rigidity to remain within industry tolerance guidelines. Optional 9x3mm black foam gaskets are also available to create a recessed edge feature.