SAS International has introduced an enhanced range of acoustic baffle systems featuring standardised module sizes and carrier profiles to offer more installation options and continuous runs.

SAS International’s updated range of standard (System 500) and waveform (System 510) acoustic baffle systems is ideal for acoustic treatment in open, exposed interiors and thermal mass cooling. Offering a high performing and visually engaging design, System 500 and System 510 acoustic baffle systems enable a different ceiling aesthetic in comparison to a traditional suspended ceiling.

System 510 has a striking waveform in stark contrast to the linear form of System 500; the baffles can be used to form individual elements or continual rhythmic lines stretching across a ceiling plane.

Both acoustic baffle systems are recommended for noisy environments such as airports where additional noise absorption is required. The systems are particularly suitable for areas with high human traffic, including retail, leisure, and education facilities.

Key features of System 500 and System 510 acoustic baffle systems include dual-sided perforations delivering excellent acoustic performance (0.85 αw, NRC 0.9); availability in all RAL colours; ability to be suspended at a range of heights and angles; no obstruction to smoke extraction or air ventilation systems, increasing suitability for high traffic areas; and ease of integration with other ceiling systems.

Acoustic baffles from SAS International are also ideal for solar shading in large open areas such as malls or atriums where the management of solar glare as well as acoustics is required for occupant comfort.