SAS International has introduced a new product to its linear ceilings range. The new and improved SAS System 750 Tubeline offers greater flexibility of use and enhanced visual appeal.

Specified for applications such as smoke extraction, thermal cooling and chilled beam integration, Tubeline is a design-led linear ceiling system manufactured in steel or aluminium, and providing specifiers with a flexible, highly visual option for functional requirements.

The lightweight design of SAS System 750 Tubeline allows 15% quicker installation due to reduced components. The system can be specified for a variety of applications including waveform, curves, vertical and horizontal fixing in a range of finishes. The new linear ceiling system has an integrated access hatch application as standard.

Designed as an alternative to open cell ceilings that accommodate smoke extraction, Tubeline is ideally suited to the interior demands of transport, retail and leisure facilities. This linear ceiling system is also suitable for exposed soffits, bulkheads, solar shading and lighting integration.

System 750 Tubeline is often specified as an aspirational design feature as it can be designed to meet specific project demands.