Nothing can match the beauty and timelessness of natural stone. But when cost is an important consideration, one can still achieve a similar design outcome using the porcelain lookalike range from Sareen Stone.

Sareen Stone’s porcelain tiles replicate the look of several materials from natural stone to timber, offering an excellent and affordable alternative to the real thing without compromising on the aesthetics. These lookalike porcelain tiles are made using advanced digital technology to offer broad choices in colour, size and finish.

Timber Lookalikes

When you want the look of a timber floor with all the advantages of tiles such as easy maintenance and cleaning, hardwearing characteristics, stain and water resistance, and ability to withstand temperature changes, Sareen Stone’s timber lookalikes offer the perfect choice.

Travertine Lookalikes 

Available in beautiful, neutral colour palettes that capture the look of real travertine, these porcelain tiles will remain in style forever. Travertine lookalike tiles are also available in a ‘rough’ or ‘grip’ finish for use in outdoor applications. Many of these porcelain tiles are also slip rated. Complement the look indoors by selecting the same travertine lookalike in a matt finish for floors and walls, creating a seamless flow from inside to out.

Marble Lookalikes

Sareen Stone’s marble lookalike porcelain tiles combine premium style and beauty to make the right first impressions. Being an easy-to-clean material, marble lookalikes are particularly popular in the master bathroom of the house with their beautiful aesthetic creating a luxurious ambience and feeling of grandeur. Ultimately, marble look porcelain tiles provide the upmarket appeal of marble – on a budget.

Subway, Herringbone and Hexagon Tiles 

Sareen Stone also offers a range of ceramics, including subway tiles, herringbone mosaics and hexagon tiles. These tiles are trending in splashback applications as well as in kitchens and bathrooms in both commercial and residential spaces.