Sandmar Products Aust is involved in the manufacture of construction chemicals, coatings and sealants since the early 1990's. It provides the construction industry with a wide range of products that adds value and functionality. The main objective of the company is to manufacture and supply environmentally and occupationally safe products.

Sandmar Products Aust is also an imitator. The company search for the best products in the global market. Then the chosen products are adapted and customized in order to meet the growing demands of the Australian market. The products are designed in such a way to satisfy the customer specifications and suit the climatic conditions.

Sandmar Products Aust provides a wide range of adhesives, coatings and sealants to the construction industry. The product range of Sandmar Products Aust includes Aquepoxy sealants and floorcare products, Acoustic and Fire rated construction products, Acrylic joint sealants, Coloured caulks and Gapfillers, Construction adhesives and Graffiti 2000 / Applied finishes. These construction coatings and sealants are of high quality and used in various construction projects.