IXL Home introduces IXL’s Easy Duct thermal transfer system as an efficient cooling solution for the summer.

A simple and smart range of cooling solutions from the Australian owned IXL, the Easy Duct thermal transfer system is energy-efficient and cost-effective, and provides an economical and unobtrusive way to transfer cool air from a primary air conditioning system to cool another room.

IXL’s Easy Duct thermal transfer system is recommended for homes to deal with the sizzling heat of the Australian summer, allowing refreshing cool air to be enjoyed in more than one location in the home such as the living space plus a bedroom.

The cost effective pricing of the IXL Easy Duct thermal transfer system provides a significant saving on the cost of purchasing, installing and running a second air conditioning unit. The 40 watt (55 litres per second) fan uses less energy than an average light bulb.

The smart technology of the Easy Duct thermal transfer system is innovated by IXL’s in-house design and engineering team.

The powerful 170mm in-line exhaust fan with a capacity of 55 litres per second airflow will ensure that cool air at the preferred temperature is transferred where and when needed.

Designed and approved for use in horizontal applications only, the IXL Easy Duct thermal transfer system allows homeowners with a single central air conditioning unit to cool an additional room situated on the same floor level.

For homes that have a reverse cycle unit installed, either cool air or warm air can be transferred. The desired temperature can be adjusted and monitored on the wall mounted thermostat that’s also included. 

Homeowners with separate air conditioning and heater units such as a Cannon gas log heater on either side of a room will require an Easy Duct system for each. Installation of a ceiling fan will also aid the process by encouraging cold air (heavier than warm air) to rise up to the exhaust.

Key benefits of the IXL Easy Duct thermal transfer system include cost-effective cool air from the ultra-low energy use of a 40W fan; eliminates the need to purchase a dedicated cooling unit for a separate room or space; self-sealing back draught flaps maintain a consistent room temperature; construction from carefully selected robust materials delivers optimum performance and long term durability; 2-year replacement warranty; and compact design suitable for standard roof applications and multi-storey situations.