IXL Home introduces the new 400 series ovens from Gaggenau that combine maximum function and an iconic design language. 

Featuring a solid stainless steel construction in widths up to 76cm, the new Gaggenau 400 series ovens are available in various combination options. Fronts protruding by 47mm, panel-free surfaces and handle-less doors are some of the stand-out features of this range. Another novelty is a control module with TFT touch display characterised by easy and intuitive operation and new functions such as automatic door opening. 

To be available in 2014, the new Gaggenau 400 series includes ovens, Combi-steam ovens, Combi-microwave ovens, fully automatic espresso machines and warming drawers, exclusively crafted in select materials such as stainless steel and glass. Designed in 76cm or 60cm widths, the ovens feature stainless steel backed fronts, with doors opening up to an angle of 180 degrees. 

Each model is designed to preserve its unique character even when combined with other kitchen appliances. 

All appliances in the new 400 series follow a consistent philosophy for user-friendly operation, and feature a control module with TFT touch display. While primary functions are operated by two rotary controls and always in view on the TFT touch display, secondary functions can be activated over the touch fields of the display, and are only indicated as required. 

Meat, fish and pastries or pies, for instance, are cooked to perfection with the core temperature probe. A rotisserie spit ensures crispy golden brown for poultry, rolled roasts or leg of lamb done to a turn. A baking stone is available as a special accessory for pizza, bread and ‘tarte flambée’. The pyrolytic system eliminates baked-on soiling with automatic self-cleaning.

The control module on other appliances in the 400 series similarly allows all functions to be adjusted; for instance, the unique combination of humidity with hot air in the Combi-steam oven not only enables steaming and simmering, but also baking, braising, regenerating, juice extracting and dough proofing.

With the launch of the new 400 series appliances, Gaggenau once again brings modern professional technology into private kitchens, complete with an exceptional visual appearance, select materials and maximum function.

Ovens in the Gaggenau 400 series includes the BX 480/BX 481 double ovens; BO 480/BO 481 and BO 450/BO 451 ovens; BS 484/BS 485, BS 470/471, BS 474/475 and BS 454/455 Combi-steam ovens; and BM 454/455 Combi-microwave ovens.

The Gaggenau 400 series also includes CM 450 fully automatic espresso machine, and WS 482, WS 461 and WS 462 warming drawers.