Cannon gets ready for winter with the 2014 gas log heater collection. Designed and manufactured in Australia to suit local conditions, Cannon gas log heaters combine aesthetics with high functionality to fit every possible installation requirement in homes, apartments or warehouses.

The remarkably flexible flue system provides the enchantment and romance of a real log fire minus the mess, along with rapid warmth, simple operation and high-energy efficiency. 

Cannon has created two different ranges: the elegantly curved Canterbury Classic range and the more streamlined Fitzroy Profile range. 

The following checklist will assist in selecting the ideal Cannon gas log heater solution:


Cannon offers choices such as a subdued black or reflective platinum metallic finish, a classic rounded profile or a sleek contemporary style.


Installation options in the Cannon range include standalone freestanding gas log heaters and an integrated inbuilt model, which can be set into an existing heating cavity, a newly created mock fireplace, or within joinery.

Flue type 

Apart from the standard flue, Cannon offers a super energy efficient Powerflue, which draws air from outside for combustion and then vents outside via a secondary flue.

Gas source 

Cannon offers both Natural Gas and LP Gas models.

Room size 

Cannon gas log heaters have a generous heating capacity suited to spaces of up to 80m².

Energy efficiency 

The 5.5 star energy-rated Fitzroy Profile Powerflue or Canterbury Classic Powerflue gas log heaters are suited for use in 5-star energy rated homes.

The Canterbury Classic range

The Canterbury Classic range is available in freestanding and inbuilt units. 

The Freestanding model can be powered by LP Gas as well as Natural Gas, with both units featuring a standard flue, an enhanced flame, double glass front and black finish. 

There are six possible variations in the Canterbury Classic Inbuilt range including a standard flue with black finish powered by LP or Natural Gas, or the Powerflue with black or platinum metallic finish and powered by LP or Natural Gas.

The Fitzroy Profile

The Fitzroy Profile is an Inbuilt range with a dual glass fascia as standard and featuring a standard flue or Powerflue. 

The four standard flue models with a non-enhanced flame include electronic controls; a choice of finish in black or platinum metallic; and powered by LP or Natural Gas. 

There are also four Powerflue models that are differentiated by their enhanced flame and also feature electronic controls; a choice of black or platinum metallic finish, and the option of LP or Natural Gas.

Why Cannon gas log heaters are superior:

Ultra-versatile installation 

Cannon Powerflue gas log heaters offer great installation flexibility as they can be installed on any wall vented horizontally from the back or side, vertically under the floor or through the roof. 

Exceptional energy efficiency 

The collection includes models that range from 3.1 star energy rated up to 5.5 star energy rated Powerflue units. Heat exchange technology and controlled heat and fan settings are features that also promote energy efficient operation.


Cannon gas log heaters are designed and crafted in Geelong with pride and care.

Home grown 

Buying locally made products contributes to the continuation of employment and training opportunities in design and manufacturing in Australia.

Reliable performance 

Performance is further supported by a 3-year warranty from defects in materials, workmanship and manufacturing, plus a 10-year parts warranty on the heat exchanger.

User friendly

Electronic ignition and controls and a choice of three heat and fan speed settings are standard. Remote thermostat option will appeal to those seeking touch controls.

Safe operation 

All models are safeguarded with a double-glazed window and include four continuously monitored safety systems, while the Fitzroy and Canterbury Powerflue models have an optional mesh guard interchangeable with the glass window on all models.

Visually arresting 

Uninterrupted viewing of the mesmerising flames and the realistic eucalypt logs is courtesy of the double glazed window. An enhanced flame effect and choice of black or metallic platinum finish, curves or straight lines, freestanding or inbuilt allow the Cannon gas log heater to complement and positively contribute the desired aesthetic within a space.

Select models of Cannon gas log heaters can be customised with a Mock Fireplace Kit, Console Kit or Surround Kit to create a truly unique setting.

Cannon gas log heaters are proudly manufactured, distributed and supported by Sampford IXL in Australia.