World-leading kitchen appliances brand Neff brings all the features and performance desired by professional chefs into their equipment range for home cooks.

Delivering the promise of the finest home cooking experience, Neff appliances set the benchmark for domestic kitchens around the world.

Based in the German culinary region of Baden, Neff was founded by locksmith Carl Neff in 1877, and has evolved over the years introducing many technological advances to the kitchen, including Europe’s first operational induction cooking range in 1958.

For the home baker, Neff ovens incorporate innovative technology and features to create exceptional results. The FlexiRail system allows the home cook to tailor the position of the oven rails to accommodate different sized dishes and trays, while NeffLight provides even better internal oven illumination by using mirrors to reflect two halogen spotlights throughout the cavity.

Neff’s innovative Slide & Hide door retracts under the oven as it opens to offer unrestricted access to the oven cavity to baste, taste and keep a close eye on the food as it cooks. Available in Neff’s B46E74N3AU, B45C44N3AU and B46C74N3AU ovens, the Slide & Hide feature is particularly useful in small kitchens for its space-saving advantages.

The CircoTherm technology available in Neff’s B45C44N3AU, B46C74N3AU and B46E74N3AU ovens limits the need for preheating by continuously circulating hot air around the oven so the desired temperature is reached more quickly and evenly than in normal ovens. The equal heat transference ensures better cooking results, allowing the home cook to get a three-course meal ready at the same time without any risk of mixing the flavours.

Neff’s VarioSteam technology adds steam to the cooking process at various intervals helping home cooks create succulent and tender dishes. This technology uses a patented twin pump to push water from a small reservoir through stainless steel pipes to a heater where the water is turned into vapour and released into the oven to create perfect cooking results. This innovative feature is available in Neff’s B46C74N3AU oven model.

Neff is proudly imported, distributed and supported by IXL Home .