Ventilation, heat and light solutions specialist IXL Appliances announces the launch of a new website designed to address the specific needs of their customers.

The new IXL website is aimed at providing customers and specifiers with easier and faster access to even more information about their outstanding range of products.

The iconic Australian company has completely redesigned their website into a valuable resource for customers seeking high quality and innovative ventilation, heat and light solutions for the home environment. IXL’s new website for their trade and consumer customers includes several new features such as dedicated trade pages, product pages and downloads. An innovative ‘Help me choose’ section guides customers into making the best choice of appliance for their specific application.

A leading innovator since 1858, the Geelong-based company has been meeting the needs of the market with their IXL Tastics range of heat, vent and light appliances, the sleek and elegant Tastic Neo range, and a selection of premium ventilation solutions.

With valuable tools integrated to assist in the selection process, the website is a new trade destination that is as trusted as the IXL brand.

Dedicated trade pages

The first stop for trade customers, IXL now offers access to comprehensive information about their high-quality and flexible range of products. The website’s trade pages include trade-only products and trade brochures with all the information required to select and install exhaust fans, heat lamps or space heaters.

Product pages

The new IXL website features product pages for the Tastics range, as well as for ventilation and heating options. Trade customers can browse and compare products and then download installation guides, wiring diagrams and other useful tools, simplifying product selection for their specific applications.

Help me choose page

The ‘Help me choose’ page is a value-added feature on the new IXL website, allowing customers to calculate their extraction requirements for a room and find the perfect IXL product for a project in three easy steps. The user simply has to choose the type of room where the exhaust fan is to be installed, such as a bathroom with or without a shower or a laundry with or without a dryer, enter the room dimensions, and then view the attributes of each recommended unit to make the perfect choice.

Downloads page

Trade customers can now access resources such as high-quality images, brochures and data sheets of IXL’s product range and download them as part of a project’s overall specifications.