IXL Home specialises in the supply of a comprehensive range of ventilation solutions for bathrooms, kitchens and laundries.

When it comes to selecting a ventilation unit for the bathroom, one cannot simply follow the one-size-fits-all method. Each bathroom will have different requirements for fan size and exhaust capacity based on the build-up of stale air, condensation and mildew, while the heating and lighting requirements also vary. Key considerations also include the need for the ventilation system to complement the bathroom’s aesthetics as well as meet budget limits.

Geelong-based company IXL, inventor of the genuine Tastic some 30 years ago, has evolved and refined a comprehensive collection that includes Tastics, TasticNeos and Premium Ventilation appliances to meet every bathroom’s requirement.

All IXL ventilation products are engineered to provide appropriate levels of thermal comfort in keeping with Australia’s variable climate.

IXL has developed key guidelines to assist consumers in choosing the best-fit ventilation product for their bathroom requirements.

1. Vital stats

The first step to selecting the ventilation solution is to check the bathroom dimensions. The higher the bathroom ceiling, the greater the heat producing capability needed from a Tastic to provide adequate warmth. To heat and ventilate a larger bathroom, a four-lamp model with a powerful exhaust is recommended.

Each IXL Tastic unit is designed to work most effectively up to a given maximum ceiling height ranging from 2.4m to 3.3m.

Models suited to a maximum ceiling height of 3.3m include IXL Tastic Premium Silhouette 12301, IXL Tastic Premium Silhouette Easy Duct S/SW and TasticNeo Double.

Models suited to a maximum ceiling height of 2.7m include IXL Premium Sensation 12303, IXL Class Original, 1303, Classic Triumph 11312, Easy Duct Sensation 12511 and TasticNeo Double.

Models suited to a maximum ceiling height of 2.4m include Classic Triumph 11311, Classic Triumph 11317 (2 in 1), Easy Duct Triumph 11511 and TasticNeo single.

2. Zone in

Australia’s variable climatic zones place varying demands on heating systems. All four Tastic lamp models can be operated on two or four lamp settings to provide less or greater heat as required. For those who live in the cooler regions of Australia, a four lamp Tastic or a TasticNeo Double, which has two 800 watt Tungsten halogen Halo heat lamps, is recommended. If the resident is extra-sensitive to the cold, a Tastic that produces more heat will work well. Tastics are designed to heat the person rather than a room; the TasticNeo Double on the other hand provides a less direct heating experience due to its cleverly designed reflectors that disperse heat evenly across the body.

3. Less is more

Most of IXL’s ventilation solutions are designed to keep the bathroom aligned with 5 Star energy efficient home requirements. The Eco Tastic solution suits homes where exhausting into the roof is allowed. For ducted applications, IXL’s Easy Duct Tastic offers a fully sealed operation that will prevent loss of heat and the penetration of unwanted draughts. Significant energy savings can be achieved from the light source incorporated into many IXL ventilation systems with the IXL Tastic compact fluorescent globe, which uses 75% less electricity than a standard comparable globe. This globe is included with both the Eco Tastic and Easy Duct Tastic models and can be fitted in all Triumph, Sensation and Silhouette Tastics in place of the supplied incandescent globe.

4. Know your needs

Before finalising the ventilation system, check whether all three functions - heat, vent and light – are needed in the bathroom. For bathrooms with existing ventilation, the Triumph 2 in 1 will provide a source of light with the option of heat. For a powerful exhaust fan and light combination that can be operated separately, consider the Vent ‘n’ Lite 100, which has a 200mm exhaust fan. For single exhaust fan function, Ventair and Eco Ventflo systems are available in a choice of 250mm or 200mm exhaust fan sizes.

5. Style match

All IXL ventilation appliances offer quality, durability and reliable performance for many years. Available in a choice of different profiles such as round, square or rectangular, as well as in different sizes, materials and finishes, the IXL range complements varying bathroom aesthetics and consumer budgets.

For the powder room, Ventair can provide an isolated ventilation function. Alternatively, Vent ‘n’ Lite 100 makes for a seamless vent and illumination solution.

The family bathroom is a high traffic space where a powerful exhaust fan is essential. If heat isn’t needed, the Vent ‘n’ Lite deluxe with fan and illumination is a wise choice, while the Premium or Eco Silhouette offers the option of heat (4 x 375 W) in addition to the powerful exhaust fan and energy efficient lighting (15W CFL).

Contemporary bathrooms can be matched in style with the flush mounted metal and glass TasticNeo, which is available in sophisticated white or silver finish, and the option of single or double heat lamps. Gimbal mounted, adjustable downlights provide upscale task lighting while tungsten halogen Halo heat lamps generate a more dispersed heating experience. The IXL Tastic Sensation is another contemporary option, which features a modern low profile fascia and excellent 3 in 1 performance at a more budget conscious price tag.

For smaller to mid-size bathrooms, the single TasticNeo is just right to provide a touch of resort style luxury. The unit combines superior illumination, powerful yet quiet ventilation, and cosy warmth.