Gaggenau has won the 2015 iF Design gold award for their exhibition stand at Eurocucina 2014.

Gaggenau’s stand, ‘The esteem of craftsmanship’ was the final part of ‘The tradition of manufacture’ trilogy, which was designed in collaboration with the renowned Munich architecture firm eins:33 under the supervision of Managing Director and Partner Hendrik Müller. Gaggenau’s trilogy began with the factory concept ‘A glimpse behind the scenes’ in 2010, followed by the 2012 stand ‘From raw material to masterpiece’.

‘The esteem of craftsmanship’ took inspiration from the origins of culinary culture, presenting visitors with an extraordinary recreation of a traditional rectangular farmhouse.

Gaggenau’s stand at the Eurocucina was designed as a traditional farmhouse structure arranged around a square-shaped courtyard, in perfect harmony with the company’s values of skilled craftsmanship, high quality manufacture and exclusivity. The innovative and technically advanced appliances were showcased as tools in the production process.

According to the international jury, the design used skilfully implemented contrasts to perfectly communicate the Gaggenau brand. Gaggenau’s design was selected from 5,000 submissions from 53 countries in the ‘Interior Architecture/ Exhibition/ Trade Fairs’ category.

The humble unspoiled surroundings of the farmhouse setting contrasted with the finest Gaggenau appliances, including the 400 and 200 series ovens. The Eurocucina stand featured the baking of fresh bread, while the Vario cooling 400 series stored the wine in cellar-like conditions.

The 2012 concept focused on raw materials with steel used as the essence of the appliances, illustrated by the Vario 400 series cooktops, and authentic, high quality foodstuffs prepared on Gaggenau appliances as a symbol of exclusive culinary culture.

The 2010 factory concept, ‘A glimpse behind the scenes’ won the iF gold communication design award in 2011. The first instalment of the trilogy began with an authentic industrial setting, complete with workbenches and chairs placing the visitors firmly ‘on the factory floor’.

Gaggenau is distributed in Australia by IXL Home .