IXL Home  presents the new AL 400 recessed table ventilation from Gaggenau.

Efficient ventilation is an essential requirement in modern kitchens that are most likely to be integrated into living spaces. An effective ventilation system not only eliminates cooking odours, it also captures microscopic grease particles, working efficiently, quietly and discreetly.

Gaggenau unveiled the new German-designed AL 400 fully recessed table ventilation at Eurocucina in 2012.

The AL 400 fully recessed table ventilation delivers several impressive benefits to open plan kitchens in homes including discreet design, efficient extraction, seamless integration, aesthetic appearance, low maintenance and flexible placement.

Discreet integration

The AL 400 discreetly recesses into the countertop, staying out of view when not in use. When in use, the AL 400 purifies air while its clean lines and minimalist form also embellish the surroundings.

New ventilation solution for cooking islands and open-plan kitchens

The telescopic design of the AL 400 fully recessed table ventilation allows cooking to effortlessly take place on an island bench layout or in a large open-plan kitchen while vapours and odours are quietly extracted effectively at the source. The AL 400 is perfect for minimalist kitchen designs.

Efficient extraction

Three power settings and one intensive setting help provide efficient extraction to match cooking requirements. These settings are adjustable via an 8 key-control to achieve extraction rates up to 1,100m³/h.

Perfect combination

Skilfully crafted out of high quality materials, the stainless steel AL 400 is timeless in design and blends beautifully with all Gaggenau cooking appliances. The design allows for seamless integration of the ventilation system into an existing kitchen worktop and is offered in a choice of two widths - 120cm or 90cm with a depth of 14cm.

The AL 400 can be installed fully flush or conventionally surface-mounted to suit all kitchen layouts.

Gaggenau will soon launch a new design for the Vario 400 series cooktops to complement the AL 400. The ventilation system can also be effectively combined with gas cooktops without additional air guides.

Ambient lighting

An integrated LED full-surface light in the AL 400 fully recessed table ventilation provides a soft adjustable glow when the unit is switched on and off. The AL 400 can also be dimmed manually.

Low maintenance

Common to all Gaggenau appliances is the benefit of easy cleaning, which is enabled by a retractable front panel that provides simple access to the grease filters.

Dream kitchens

Gaggenau offers ventilation solutions for all situations in a choice of placement options including the wall, downdraft or recessed.

The expanded collection of Gaggenau ventilation appliances now includes:


  • Downdraft ventilation VL 430 and VL 431
  • Coanda island hood AI 280
  • Wall-mounted ventilation hood AW 281 and AW 201
  • Flat kitchen hood AH 900
  • Fully recessed table ventilation AL 400