Sam Kelly Studio  provide an extensive range of handcrafted bathroom vanity basins. These bathroom vanity basins have been designed by adopting conventional methods such as glazing, firing, brushwork and throwing and turning. Bathroom vanity basins have been designed by using a pottery wheel. These basins are fired to the desired glaze in a kiln. Sam Kelly Studio provide these handcrafted bathroom vanity basins in a diverse range of attractive colours. These basins enhance the aesthetic look of the surrounding and available at cost effective rates.

Glazes used by Sam Kelly Studio on these bathroom vanity basins include complex translucent celadon, copper red glazes and signature glazes. The copper red glaze, used by Sam Kelly Studio, is a glaze on glaze technique that involves the usage of three different glazes. Different glazes developed by Sam Kelly Studio were initially used as signature glazes for bathroom vanity basins. The complex translucent celadon glaze gives jewel like appearance, when fired over the porcelain clay. The porcelain used for manufacturing these bathroom vanity basins possess high quality and are known for durability as well as reliability.