Advertised selection recruitment solutions are available from Sales Placements Australia . The advertised selection from Sales Placements Australia is an exclusive recruitment solution suitable for companies requiring short to medium term hiring strategies and candidates.

Advertised selection recruitment solutions involves the use of advertising strategies including internet strategy such as digital publications, job boards and user groups and print campaigns in recruitment trade, classified and industry press.

The advertised selection solutions from Sales Placements Australia involve a large number of candidates from the open market and the later are short listed by Sales Placements Australia. These candidates are short listed on the basis of thorough qualifications and assessments.

These advertised selection recruitment solutions from Sales Placements Australia also allow the companies to advertise anonymously and shortlist the candidates suitable for the job.

The advertising selection recruitment solutions from Sales Placements Australia are suitable for appointments where the candidates can be sourced from a large variety of industry sectors and when the target markets are difficult to define. The candidates are also allowed to register their profile electronically with Sales Placements Australia.