Conservatories and pergolas are a great addition to a home, adding space with a wonderful ambience that promises many hours of enjoyment. But what happens when the home-owner discovers that the area is a real heat trap in the hot afternoon sun, making the area unbearable? How do you solve the problem for them? The solution is to install Silver Shade film.

Silver Shade is a new product, just introduced by Bekaert Specialty Films . It has been specifically designed for use on polycarbonate or glass roofs, without the bubbling problem of previous solar films.

Often the homeowner spends a fortune installing roller or pleated roof blinds in an effort to reduce the heat. In fact, while these will provide shade, they do little in reducing the heat generated from the sun. They also collect dust and insects and are difficult to clean. The heat penetrating the fabric damages it, so that before long they will need replacing.

The cost-effective solution is to install Silver Shade. When Silver Shade is installed, the sun’s heat is reflected away before it is transmitted, thus achieving immediate and dramatic reductions in internal daytime temperatures. It also provides an ultra-violet barrier that helps to prevent fading and sun damage to furnishings.

Silver Shade is a high-performance metallised PVC coating and can be applied by trained professional installers quickly, cleanly and with a minimum of disruption.