Safetyline Jalousie were at DesignBUILD last week to promote the benefits of their glass and aluminium louvre window systems which include the products inbuilt security features, increased functionality due to superior design and smart-home installation options.

“The inbuilt security features are one of the main differences with our louvre system,” Leigh Rust, Safetyline Jalousie’s General Manager said.

“Our weather seal also makes the system airtight and watertight and we’re rated to a category 3 cyclone.”

The Safetyline Jalousie glass and aluminium louvre windows can also span to 1.4m and have complete floor to ceiling capabilities that provide an abundance of design possibilities.

Their louvre window system has further functional benefits that are aided by the systems design.

“Most louvre systems pivot from the centre but ours pivot from the top which gives you that clear internal and also allows for internal flyscreens,” Rust said.

They are ideal for warm climates as windows can be kept open and insects kept out. Safetyline can also provide an optional steel rod for added security while the louvre windows are open.

The louvre window system can also accommodate the current popularity of smart-homes and be connected to CBUS for installation.

“We’re able to do the full automation so that it can be remote controlled.

“The system is fitted with wind sensors, rain sensors and a pinch sensor to avoid injury,” Rust said.

Safetyline Jalousie’s combination of innovative design and quality engineering come together in a range of applications including domestic and commercial renovations.

Their high security and sensor systems have made the louvre windows popular for installation in government schools, universities, and pubs and clubs.