Louvre windows from Safetyline Jalousie were specified for St Justin’s school in Oran Park, NSW.

Engaged by the Catholic Education Office for Wollongong to design the primary school for the new suburb of Oran Park in south-western Sydney, ThomsonAdsett Architects worked with VIM Sustainability to meet the sustainability considerations in the brief by ensuring correct orientation of the buildings, use of shaded facades, high thermal mass internally, and a layout that promoted good cross ventilation.

The ventilation strategy was based on openable windows with several options considered to achieve the required airflow objectives, including casement, double hung, sliding and louvre windows. The large openable area of the louvres, their ease of operability and the low impact on the surrounding space were some of the reasons that made louvre windows the best choice for the project.

Safetyline Jalousie louvre windows were chosen for three main reasons including their top hung louvre blades with three sides locked in delivering greater safety; integral security rod providing excellent security particularly for the low level windows; and top-hung design (as opposed to centre-pivot) louvres allowing slim-fitting internal flyscreens.

Though the architects were aware of the premium cost of the louvre windows, they chose to proceed with the brand over other cost-saving alternatives as they believed Safetyline Jalousie delivered value for money.